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Frequently Asked Questions


What league should my child play in?

Please note that when registering your child, you need to select the correct league based on your child’s age on 4/30/2024. Please reference the Age Chart if you need help determining your child's league age.


I would like my child to play up/down in a different league. Can I choose a different league?

You should register your child for their age-appropriate league. Each player will attend a skills evaluation prior to the season.  Board Members and Coaches will be assessing the skills of all players. If they are concerned about the safety of a player participating in their age-appropriate league, they will communicate those concerns with parents and suggest moving down to a younger league. 


If you would like to move up to an older age division, please email us at  A Board Member will touch base with you about your child’s needs.


Does my child have to attend skills evaluations?

Every player registered for fall/spring baseball, with the exception of Jr. T-Ball, must attend evaluations in order to have our coaches assess his/her skill set. This is only done for purposes of team placement and to ensure your child’s league assignment is appropriate for his/her skill level.


Every child that signs up will be placed on a team – this is not a tryout process and no child will be cut. We expect to hold evaluations January 21-23. We will provide regular email updates once the times have been finalized.


My child is registered. When will I know what team he/she is on?

Once evaluations are complete, we will set teams. You will be notified by your child’s coach within a week after the evaluations. If you do not hear from your coach, please email us at


When will my child have practice? When will games be?

Each coach/team will be assigned a different practice schedule which will remain in effect until games begin. Practices will take place twice a week – one weekday and one Saturday practice. Weekday practices will not begin before 6pm.


The season will begin at the end of February. Game schedules will be distributed around the middle of February. We expect that each team will have between 10-12 games, which will all be dependent on the number of kids and teams in each league.

Games will begin at 6:15 Monday – Thursday nights. Friday night games will begin at either 6:00 or 7:30 (7:30 for MP, Minors & Majors only) and Saturday games will be played all day beginning at 9:00am. Once games begin, practices will be limited. Your coach may schedule cage time or additional practices at their discretion.


My child is in other activities/sports. Can I choose which day we have practice or games?

Please note that with so many teams sharing a few fields, we cannot commit to certain days for games or practices. Practices will be held on certain days, but you will not know those days until the teams are set. Games can be any day during the week and/or Saturday – and the number of games per week will vary (1-2 games per week).


We would like to play with a friend or with a particular coach. Can we make a request?

You are welcome to list any requests at the time of registration. We try our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee team placement with a certain coach/player.


If you have siblings/family members playing in the same league and would like them on the same team, please make a note during registration. We do our best to keep family members on the same team, but might need reminders.